Finding the Top Tennis Backpack For You

If you are just starting out with tennis, a backpack is probably the last thing you’re going to think of buying. Many beginners don’t even buy tennis backpacks; they simply carry the racquets in their hands and maybe use a regular carry backpack to keep their tennis balls and other accessories along with their personal stuff.

The racquets need much better care than that. In fact, the grips and strings of the racquet can get easily damaged when exposed to too much moisture and alternating sunlight. It is wise to invest in good tennis backpacks to safe guard your investment on racquets, which is quite substantial by any yardstick. Here are a few tips that can help you in selecting the right tennis backpacks for your racquets.

Qualities to Consider in the Perfect Backpacks for Tennis

Durable and Water Proof: The durability of tennis backpacks is of utmost importance. The ungainly contours of tennis racquets place unusual amounts of strain on the fabric of the backpacks, at all times. The fabric must not only be able to withstand the rigors of wear and tear, they also have to be waterproof to safeguard the racquets from the elements.

The backpacks are usually made of nylon polymers, which are durable enough, but if you want additional protection, you must buy brands that use reinforced polymer fiber. Most of the major brands use reinforced fiber and most generic backpacks are made out of regular polymer.

Space: It is not just about racquet space, the tennis backpacks must be spacious enough to hold other tennis accessories and personal belongings of the players. The standard issue tennis backpacks have 2 small compartments to hold accessories like tennis balls, grips, towels, sweatband, etc.

They also have a big compartment in the middle, which can be used to store personal belongings of the players. The high-end bags also come with special provisions for water bottles, straps and sewed in moisture absorbers. Tennis backpacks must also be comfortable to wear, either on the backs or on the shoulders with a shoulder strap.

Shape and Length: The older, traditional tennis backpack design is a long tubular structure, similar to the shape of the racquet. This design is still popular with many players. Even as laymen, this traditional design holds more appeal because it is easy to associate the game with the backpack as we’ve all seen players carrying these on TV.

However, the newer, modern design is not bad either. The new one looks like a regular backpack and does not resemble the racquet shape at all. It has a retractable flap on the top, which can be opened out to cover the shaft and grip of the racquets (which protrudes out of the bag when the head is placed inside the bag. The only drawback is the newer model can store only two racquets while the older design has different size options.

Cost: Be ready to spend at least $40 to $50 if you want good quality tennis backpacks. The long design models with 5 racquet capacity can cost $60 and upward and nice brands like head and Babolat can be around $100. Tennis backpacks are essential but there is no need to spend too much money on them, especially if you are a beginner. Just make sure your bag is durable and waterproof at all times.


Deciding on what is best for you in tennis backpacks can be down to one of two items: fashion or functionality. We hope you’ve found a combination of both that will serve you well here.