Top Intermediate HEAD Tennis Racquets

Have you been playing tennis for a while and are wondering if it might be time to upgrade from your beginner racket to an intermediate racket? If you're finding that you're able to get the ball over the net on a consistent basis, are starting to place your shots better on the court, but maybe are still choosing to hit forehand rather than backhand and your serve doesn't have a bunch of power or spin, then it just might be time to upgrade.

Head intermediate tennis rackets are a great choice when upgrading to a new racket.  They are a great pick for those people on a budget, and yet are still a great choice for those that are wanting a racket to last them a long time in their learning process.

Here are our choices for the best Head tennis racquets for intermediate players.

Top 4 Best HEAD Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

#1: HEAD Graphene XT Radical Rev Pro Tennis Racquet

The Graphene XT Radical Rev Pro places more of the weight of the racket near the end of the frame and has a stronger yet lighter area slightly above the handle to help make this a wonderfully playable racket for feel and power.  You'll like the feel of the ball as it hits the strings, as well as the control you'll get off your serve.  

This is a very responsive racket with a decent blend of control and power.  Volleying is a breeze with it, and you'll find that you'll enjoy how stable it is compared to a beginner racket. You'll also find that you are able to direct the racket better than the racket you may have now.

  • Nice balance of power and controllability.
  • Volleys are great with this racket.
  • The sweet spot can be a bit unforgiving if you're slightly off on the shot.
  • Groundstrokes can be a bit more challenging at times with the Rev Pro.

#2: HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet

The Head MicroGel technology makes it so that when you hit the ball the impact is spread around the frame to allow for a feel like no other racket for great control and yet does not lose out on power.  You'll find this racket very forgiving and having great comfort levels.  

Groundstrokes are solid with the MicroGel radical, and so are volleys.  The serve with this racket is full of control (which is really the word we'd use as an overall touchpoint for this raket - "controlled"), but sometimes serves with the Radical can be a bit weak.  

Lastly - and to some of us, most importantly - we really like the look of the Radical.

  • This is a great looking racquet.
  • A very controlled racket all the way around.
  • In all aspects of your game you'll find this racket will do well for you.
  • Can be difficult to spin the ball with this racquet.

#3: HEAD Graphene Extreme MP Tennis Racquet

The Extreme MP is a perfect choice for any player looking for a racquet with power and spin.  Being both light and stiff, your shots will pop from the strings as you swing, which is most noticeable on ground strokes.  

The speed of the Extreme MP allows for a strong spin if you are capable of them, or if you are learning to use your spin, this racket will be big help over a racket known for weaker spins.  Don't let this lightweight racket fool you - this is a solid racket for any intermediate player.

  • Spins are a big plus.
  • Strong acceleration with the racket head 
  • Very good directional control.
  • Flat shots can be a bit more difficult than the average racquet.

#4: HEAD Graphene 360 Instinct MP

Using the Graphene 360 Instinct MP, we found it easily playable with little effort for top performance in our game.  It is a very stable racket with incredible speed which translates into more power.  Further, you'll find that the sweet spot is very forgiving.

Forehand or backhand, you'll have great "pop" and your spin will be impressive.  If you are looking for a racket that is top-notch for volleying and has a great swing speed, the Instinct MP might be something for you to look into.

  • A lightweight racket that is great for maneuvering
  • Sweet spot is not hard to find
  • We like the precision of the Instinct MP
  • The stock grip is not the best
  • Serve might have slightly less power than other rackets.

How can I tell if i'm ready for an intermediate racquet?

Faster Swing

If you find that your swing has been gaining speed and has more of a longer stroke, this is an indication that you are likely in need of an intermediate racket.  You'll find that as your swing becomes quicker, you'll have less of a need for a racket that gives you helping power and instead you'll need a racket with more control.  

You Are Placing Your Shots More Accurately

As a beginner, usually you're just happy you got the ball over the net and in play, no matter where it lands.  As you progress to an intermediate level, you'll find that you're able to direct your shots to where you want them more often.  At this point, you'll need the smaller frame of an intermediate racket to help you develop this ability.