Tennis Racquet Options For Left Handers

The newest tennis racquet manufacturing methods have created an ever-growing plethora of possibilities that can make your game even better than it currently is. No matter your specialty or your weakness, there seems to be a racquet designed for your needs.

Recently, we looked at the possibility of southpaws needing a tennis racquet specially designed for them. Although there may not be a special need for this like there is for something like scissors or other such items, we did find that certain racquets were better suited for left-handed tennis players. Below is our recommendations for the best tennis racquets for left-handed players.

Top 6 Best Tennis Racquets for Left Handed Players

#1: Babolat Pure Aero

We feel bad about even putting this one down with a number attached.  I mean, how do you avoid saying that the racquet used by lefty Rafael Nadal is obviously the best one on the market?  If Nadal uses it, what can we say that makes much of a difference?

One thing we can say: You do not need to be a pro to use this racket.  Its lightweight frame is very conducive to spin that you’ll be proud of.  Babolat has also changed the string pattern slightly that makes it a great racquet for all-around play.  You can’t go wrong getting the Babolat Pure Aero.

  • Really great spin on this racquet.
  • The overall play in every area of your game will benefit from the Pure Aero
  • A little hard on the arm at times
  • Loses accuracy on flat shots

#2: Babolat Pure Strike 100 3rd Gen

In the third generation fo Babolat’s Pure Strike 100 racquet, we found that the racquet just felt better in our left-handed staff member’s (yes, we only had one) hand. Of course, it probably seemed that way simply because the Pure Strike is just that good – I personally think it would feel good to walk on with bare feet if you had to.

The comfort of the grip is matched by the frame of the racquet. From ground strokes to quick punches to straight-up power shots, this racquet can do it all. If you are looking for a racquet that can quickly change your game, the Pure Strike could be that racquet.

  • Great Control
  • Feels solid and yet light in the hand
  • For even our most junior playing staff members, the spin they can achieve is much better than their standard racquet
  • One of our staff members didn’t like the color scheme. We told him he was ridiculous and sent him to get us all bottles of water as punishment.

#3: YONEX VCORE Pro 97

As reported, Yonex has gone to a frame that is much more flexible than past builds of their brand. I as an older member of our staff with nagging shoulder injuries liked the sense of power that had a controlled feel to it, while our staff member that didn’t like the color scheme of the Pure Strike racquet (see review above) took an instant liking to the Yonex.

This racket had everyone impressed. From young to old, the look, the attack, the power, and accuracy made us appreciate the middle road that has been taken here. I even got a good serve in on our junior tennis expert, although he says it was long. My eyes from across the court could tell the ball was in, and I said the accuracy of the racquet made it so.

  • Super comfortable
  • Flexible frame is a major plus
  • I liked how I could attack the net with it with confidence
  • If you’re looking for major power, this may not be the one for you.
  • Some of us had some issues when we tried to backhand with the VCORE PRO one-handed

#4: Wilson Blade 98 V8

I was excited when I heard about the new V8 from Wilson. I’ve liked the Blades from past years, and it seemed that Wilson went all-out to produce some major differences here. For our lefty, the positioning of his hand was a nice change for his comfort.

One thing you notice right away is that if you are looking for power but don’t want to give up on your control, the Blade 98 v8 has it. Hitting the ball is a treat with this racquet, though with repeated hits you will feel it slightly. For me, I chalked that up to not having as big of forearms as I should – I wouldn’t be afraid to use this racket even still.

  • I could connect with the ball way better than other racquets
  • There is a great mix here of control with power
  • If you are looking for vibration dampening, this one has it for you.
  • I hope you have a strong arm – the weight on this one can be felt on follow-through
  • I had issues with producing much spin, though that could be the player’s fault, not the racquet

#5: Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro

If you are an advanced left handed tennis racquet, we have your racquet here. Like the Wilson Blade 98, there is a good mix of the power you desire as well as the control you need. Spin from groundstrokes can be found here as well.

Straight up – we’re not kidding about being an advanced tennis player to use this racquet. If you are a beginner, avoid this one as the feel that you need for this racquet will need to be proven by experience.

For the record, I could use this one. I’m just that good, no matter what Joey (our resident pro) says about my baseline game.

  • Joey liked this one best when playing doubles.
  • I liked that it offered a bit more control than some other racquets.
  • You’ll love the feel of it.
  • Do NOT use this if you are a newer player. Seriously. Walk away, do not turn back, don’t touch this racquet.

#6: Technifibre TF40 305

Prior to doing this review, I was not super familiar with the Technifibre brand, but they are becoming more and more popular. I took an instant liking to this racquet. We found that all of us that tested it would pick it as one of our best options available to every user.

This is a racquet that you will pick up and have the best all-around play for the money spent. it has the control you want. There is a great comfort factor to the racquet. The touch of the ball to the strings is superb for the feel during play and long rallies.

The weight of the TF40 305 is also a major plus. Go pick one up when you can, you’ll notice it right away.

  • Lightweight and superb for volleys
  • Lightweight and superb for swinging
  • I had trouble creating any spin at all


Whether you’re a left handed player that is beginner or advanced, looking for power or control, or just trying to find something that will improve your volley, we are sure you will be able to find something that fits your need in our list of the best racquets for left handed tennis players. If you’re looking for our recommendation, one racquet that seems to be the top of the list, we would go with the Babolat Pure Strike 100 3rd Gen.

Are you a player that has tested any of the racquets listed above? Drop us an email and let us know what your thoughts were on them. You never know, we may just add your thoughts to our reviews!

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