Tennis Ball Hoppers With Wheels

What Is a Tennis Ball Hopper?

In a nutshell, a tennis ball hopper is a basket that can be either carried or pushed or pulled on wheels around the court and is used for carrying tennis balls.  

Most hoppers also have a feature where you can pick up the balls off the court simply by pushing the basket down on the ball and the ball "pops" into the basket.  

For our list today we've included traditional ball hoppers as well as some ball carts as great alternative options.

Top Tennis Ball Hoppers that Come With Wheels

Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper

This Tourna tennis ball hopper carries 80 balls and is very lightweight and durable.  The handles will lock in either the down or up position making it a sturdy option.  It stands approximately just over thirty-three inches for an easy height to grab the balls while standing.  There also are bars on top of the cart that are adjustable to keep the balls from spilling out should the basket tip over in your car on the way to the court.

HOPARAZZI Elite 65 Tennis Ball Basket

Take your pick of colors with this basket as there are many to choose from.
This basket holds up to 65 balls and the handles are adjustable and lock in position to hold the basket at a perfect height for you to easily grab the balls.

Although the HOPARAZZI may be a bit heavier than other baskets, using it to pickup balls off the court is very easy to do.


HOPARAZZI Alpha 90 Tennis Ball Hopper

Another HOPARAZZI with a few colors to choose from, this model can hold up to 90 balls.  If you purchase multiples of this basket, you can also stack them on top of each other for storage purposes.  The handles are also adjustable.


Get Out! Portable Tennis Ball Hopper Basket with Wheels

Standing 35 inches tall and able to carry 150 tennis balls, this lightweight basket is a dream for anyone into heavy duty training.  The wheels are smooth to make it easy to move around the court and they have locks to make it stay put when you want it to.  The frame is very sturdy and collapses down to make it smaller when not in use.

The top has a zipper closure to prevent spillage.  There are straps along the sides for easy carrying as well.  


Gamma Sports EZ Travel Cart Pro

For the tennis player who is dedicated to heavy practice, this basket will hold up to 250 balls for those long training days.  The basket is made of sturdy nylon and has a strap for easy carrying.  The wheels are smooth and also lock in place when needed.  
When necessary, the balls can be emptied and the cart can be folded down flat.

PurplePassion Tennis Ball Collector

Possibly the fastest way to collect tennis balls, the PurplePassion tennis ball collector can pick up 55 balls at a time.  The large wheels make for smooth rolling.

We really like this device. It's super satisfying to fly around the court picking up balls with speed and then dumping them all back into our training basket.


BSN Sports Mini Teaching Cart

Holding up to 150 tennis balls, the BSN teaching cart rolls really well on the court and folds down for transportation or storage.  The basket itself is removable and there is a mesh tray towards the bottom of the frame. 


Ball Hopper Basics

Most of the modern tennis ball hoppers are made out of lightweight aluminum or alloy tubes. These units have to be light because they have to be carried around while picking up the tennis balls. The basic design of the hopper is more or less a cage like structure, with evenly spaced, semi flexible metal tubes forming the frame. The body unit allows the tubes to bend and make space for the balls to be pushed in from the bottom. There are two extendable handles, which double up as legs when the hopper is used for ball storage.

How Does a Tennis Ball Hopper Work?

The hopper picks up tennis balls from the ground, with the help of push and flexing actions. The push down on it. The flex happens when the force of the push spreads the tubes of the cage side wards, thereby creating enough space for the ball to move inside the cage. As soon as the pressure from the user is released, the tubes come back to their original shape, entrapping the tennis ball inside the cage. This simple yet effective design is an immense help to people. They don’t have to manually pick the ball up and toss it into a basket; the tennis ball hopper does all of that work by itself.

Types of Ball Hoppers

The standard, rectangular cage is the most popular one with tennis players. It is simple, easy to use and lasts for a long time. The roller hopper is a variation in which the cage is a cylindrical structure and users have to roll it along the ground, over the strewn tennis balls. This model works faster but setting it up as a basket is a little difficult when compared to the cage hopper. Some of the bigger models also double up as push cart basket containers for tennis balls