Best Tennis Gifts for Beginners

When people are starting out with the game of tennis, they are enamored by the thrills and joys of the game. They are just looking to spend time on the court and learn some skills. They won’t be too bothered about the kind of tennis equipments that they use at this stage. They end up buying cheap racquets & kitbags, which they are going to regret as soon as they gain some skills and realize that good tennis equipments are essential to improve game play. Tennis is not a cheap game like basketball, where all you need is just a ball and a hoop. There are many accessories that tennis players use and benefit from. If you have a beginner level friends who are struggling to put together a decent tennis kit, here’s your chance to give them best tennis gifts which will not only be appreciated but also be useful.

3 of the Best Tennis Gifts

Wilson Pro Staff 95S Spin Effect Tennis Racquet:

Wilson is one of the premier manufacturers of tennis equipments and they have a vast range of strung racquets, for all levels of players – Amateur to Professional. This is one of the best tennis gifts that you can give your friends who are of beginner to moderate skill levels. At this stage, the players need a racquet that offers more control over the shots they play. The Wilson Spin Effect range of models also helps players to impart more spin on the ball with each shot

Features: Unique Box Beam Frame offers more control on every hit. The box frame technology is very

1 of the Best tennis gifts: Wilson Pro Staff 95S Spin Effect Tennis Racquet

1 of the Best tennis gifts: Wilson Pro Staff 95S Spin Effect Tennis Racquet

popular with amateur players, who struggle to time and control the ball with other types of racquets. These racquets are the best tennis gifts you can give your amateur player friends, who are going to benefit from improved game play with the help of them.

Spin effects technology entails unique cross string pattern, which automatically imparts an additional 10% spin on the ball on every hit. With more control and timing, players can expect 15% to 20% automatic spin per hit, without having to impart any wrist thrust manually! Spinning the ball with control is the biggest problem amateur level players have and this racquet is a the perfect solution to them.

Graphite and Kevlar alloy body makes the racquet very light and easy to swing. This alloy also imparts very minimal recoil, thereby reducing strain on the hands and wrists of players. Needless to say, the alloy is very strong and can withstand a lot of wear and tear and last for a long time.

The Pro Staff Spin Effect is a relatively new model, launched in 2014, and is currently the best selling racquet in the amateur range.

ASICS Men’s GEL-Dedicate 4 Tennis Shoe:

Asics company is not that well known in the US but they are very popular in Europe and Asia, especially in countries where racquet sports like Badminton and Tennis are popular. Asics specializes in racquet sport shoes and their patented Gel technology soles are the reason why they are fast gaining popularity , the world over. Asics tennis shoes are mid range and that’s only because they are relatively unknown in the market. Feature wise, the Asics models are as good as the Adidas and Reeboks of the market and are the best tennis gifts for amateur players, who most likely are using low end tennis shoes.

Features: Gel technology is the unique selling point of Asics tennis shoes. The gel inner sole covers the entire

1 of the best tennis gifts: ASICS Men's GEL-Dedicate 4 Tennis Shoe

1 of the best tennis gifts: ASICS Men’s GEL-Dedicate 4 Tennis Shoe

foot span and offers great comfort to the users. The soft and bouncy gel sole absorbs most of the strain and impact that the players put on their legs during game play. This gel technology has no competition in the market as no other shoe manufacturer has acquired it yet. People who use the ‘air’ technology shoes made famous by Nike, Reebok and Adidas, will be surprised by the greater comfort offered by Asics gel.

Mesh polymer uppers of the Asics Dedicate 4 model makes the shoe extremely lightweight. Most of the other manufacturers use polymer fold uppers, which is heavier and thicker. It offers very less maneuverability for the players. With Asics, the player maneuverability is good and it allows the feet to breathe through the porous weaves. Tennis players develop calluses and sores on the insoles of the feet because of the constant friction and strain. The mesh upper technology minimizes this.

Synthetic soles with flexible rubber heels and toes make the Asics shoes grip the surface well. A non sliding grip is essential to prevent injuries to players. This model is designed for superior grip, especially on clay, mud and astro surfaces that are commonly used in tennis courts.

Asics is a Japanese company, famed for its innovation and high quality. it is just breaking into the international sports shoes market. It is priced cheap and is not going to burn our pockets and its high quality is going to be appreciated by the players who use them – thereby making it one of the best tennis gifts that you can give an amateur player.

Babolat Club Line 3 Pack Racket Bag:

Babolat is a reputed tennis equipment and accessories manufacturer. Its racquets are not as famous as its accessories range. In terms of price and quality, the Babolat products are well positioned for amateur players. The Babolat Club Line series comes in two designs and many models. All the models are popular with players because they are cheap and durable.

Features: The Babolat Club Line 3 pack Racquet Bag has a ‘full racquet’ design, that is shaped and sized to

1 of the best tennis gifts: Babolat 3 pack racket bag

1 of the best tennis gifts: Babolat 3 pack racket bag

match the contours of a tennis racquet. This particular model is designed to give extra storage space to the users. Usually the backpacks have just enough space for one or two racquets but this model can hold upto 3.

Inner Space: The main compartment has enough space to hold the regular tennis accessories like towels, a tube of tennis balls, a water bottle and other smaller accessories. The backpack also has two side pockets, which can hold special accessories like strings, grips and shock absorbers.

The backpack is made from durable, lightweight nylon polymer, which is water and moisture proof. It provides adequate protection and since it covers the entire racquet length, there is very little chance of water seeping into the bag and damaging the strings or grips. The backpack has back straps, shoulder strap and grip handles, which makes it easy to carry. These cheap and durable products are the best tennis gifts for amateur players, especially those who use one or two racquets and less number of accessories.

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